ATOX technology and design, the picking revolution

The challenges set by new technologies are not alien to the metal racking manufacturing sector. The current economic situation requires new business areas to be searched for which replenish the company and convert a differentiating idea into a business strategy.

Atox Technological Solutions was born with that idea. With this new project, the soundness and quality of the different metal racking programmes are linked to the new technologies to take the optimization of warehouses to a new level.

The “Pick to Light” automated system is the solution to speed up picking tasks and to get the best out of warehouse staff by reducing handling times and minimising inventory mistakes. The possibility of integrating the “Pick to Light” system into the existing ERP and WRP systems also facilitates the management of the warehouse and the traceability.

Contact us: our multidisciplinary team, with its vast knowledge of the metal racking sector, will adapt any storage system to your particular needs, offering a wide range of solutions for industrial racking: palletising systems, automated warehouses, picking racks, cantilever racks, etc.

Picking guiado por luz o Pick to light