Racks for museums

When we talk about metal racking, we usually think about industrial racks, palletised warehouse and racks for heavy loads but metal racks have very varied applications and one of them is racks for museums.

Museums have varied storage needs, requiring security and high density storage systems, such as ATOX mobile filing systems. The mobile files move along rails in such a way as to provide service for all the modules with just one aisle.

Mobile filing for museums

Together with the characteristic robustness and quality of ATOX metal racking, the mobile filling systems also take care of the aesthetics.

Racks for museums

Besides mobile filing systems, the most conventional racking needs for museums can be solved by light duty boltless shelving and metal racking for medium and palletised loads.

When it is necessary to increase storage space, ATOX can offer various solutions such as industrial mezzanines and multi-tier racking.

Racks for museums can also be necessary in public access areas, such as exhibition areas and information points or in the museum shops. In this case, a well looked after finish is necessary together with the safety and strength of the metal rack and these aesthetic needs are well covered by the boltless BIBLIOESTAN shelving.

Boltless Biblioestan shelving

ATOX designs and manufactures metal racking, storage systems and racks for special loads, adapting to the customer’s specific needs, which enables storage space and productivity in handling tasks to be optimised.

ATOX Storage Systems holds an outstanding position in the storage industry as a manufacturer of high quality metal racking with more than 50 years’ experience and with a vast international presence. With extensive experience in the design of industrial racks for a wide range of sectors, ATOX provides racking solutions for palletising, warehouse automation, semiautomatic handling systems, picking racks, cantilever racks, etc.