Picking for miniload

ATOX Storage Systems have developed a unique application of the elements of the metal racking for picking planned to work with a stacker crane which feeds low weight crates, totes or containers, usually between 25 and 80 kgs/crate.

The crates, totes and containers are placed on angle profiles screwed into the side of the column, enabling the platform of the machine to be positioned below the load so as to be able to take it out. Beams which do not support any load are placed in unobtrusive positions and their function is to maintain the width of the module and give stability to the structure.

Picking for miniload

At the back, there is a system of vertical braces in unobtrusive modules to control the longitudinal displacement of the structure, given the reduced tolerances set by this material handling system. The vertical braces are complemented with horizontal ones between beam levels, only in the modules affected, to limit the displacement of the line of columns in the aisle.

With this picking system, high productivity, maximum use of space and ease of access to the stored product are achieved.

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