Pick-to-light in Madrid

An important Spanish company in the dermatological sector has turned to ATOX Storage Systems metal racking and the ATOX Technological Solutions pick-to-light system for its new Warehouse in Madrid.

The customer, one of the market leaders in its sector, has factories in Santander and Madrid. It has a vast international presence through its interests in companies in the same sector abroad as well as by direct exports. Evidence of the success of its internationalisation is the fact that 60% of its production is used for export.

The new metal racking installation, which was carried out by the ATOX Madrid Centre, has conventional pallet racking 6.5 metres high with space for 2,100 pallets. The new warehouse is completed with a pulley system dynamic picking racking which incorporates the ATOX pick-to-light system to speed up the preparation of orders by means of pick-to-light operations, handling 438 references.

Pick-to-light in Madrid

The ATOX pick-to-light system, which allows both pick-to-light and put-to-light operations, is the only one in the market which integrates the pick-to-light devices directly into the top rails of the metal racks, protecting them from possible knocks and making them very sturdy and tastefully constructed.

Pick-to-light in dynamic picking racking

The ATOX pick-to-light system enables up to four operators to work simultaneously, each one with their own displays and with a different allocated colour. Thanks to this feature, the picking operations reach a very high productivity, converting the warehouse into a high performance warehouse.

These installations in Madrid have taken advantage of the high quality and reliability provided by ATOX Storage Systems metal racking and the ATOX Technological Solutions automation systems, which besides improving safety, drastically reduces inventory mistakes and allows a greater traceability in orders.

ATOX technological Solutions also has other automation systems for high productivity warehouses, such as the Sherpa 800 Radio Shuttle pallet mole and the Disban H automated pick dispensers for totally automatic order preparation. Besides, with the ATOX roller conveyors, based on intelligent, motorized roller conveyors, warehouses can reach high efficiency levels and can work in coordination with the Disban H automated pick dispensers and the pick-to-light system.