Mezzanines, several warehouses in one

Both if your company is planning to go international soon or is also beginning to sell in online shops, it may find itself needing to increase the storage capacity of its warehouse, and mezzanines will enable it to tackle this extension of space effectively.


With the logistics sector being one of the sectors with the highest growth forecasts for the next few years, having more storage space becomes a strategic decision. The mezzanines enable warehouse space to be doubled or tripled, making it possible to add more metal racking installations. Besides, enclosed offices can be installed at mezzanine level so that it also means an increase in logistics management capacity.

Depending on the characteristics of your warehouse and the type of goods, multi-tier racking is another alternative to increase space. Moreover, if the increase in your logistics activity means handling new goods, racking for special loads, such as cantilever racking, may be necessary.

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