ATOX metal racks reinforce their commitment

ATOX Storage Systems, with its consolidated presence in Europe and Latin America, is outstanding in the manufacture of top quality metal racking and solutions for warehouse automation, with a very clear commitment to quality and the environment and corporate social responsibility.

Progress report on the United Nations Global Compact

ATOX Storage Systems has formed part of this global initiative since 2012. As a verification of its active participation and its commitment to the Global Compact, ATOX has drawn up the progress report, which can be consulted in the corporate social responsibility section. The report includes the commitment renewal letter, information on the company and a statement of the policies and actions that ATOX Storage Systems applies to follow the ten United Nations Global Compact principles, based on values in matters of human rights, labour laws, environment and the fight against corruption.

With more than 50 years experience, ATOX has developed a comprehensive management system which is committed to sustainability, corporate social responsibility policies, a code of ethics and business excellence.

ATOX is the leader in the manufacturing of metal racks and storage systems sector using loyal and ethical competition, basing the differentiation on the high quality of its products and on a committed service to its customers.

Quality, environmentally friendly metal racking

In accordance with its commitment to quality and responsibility, ATOX has itsISO 9001:2008 quality certificates and ISO 14001:2004 environment certificates in force, which confirm the high standards of quality as regards design, manufacture, installation and marketing of its metal racks.

Warehouse automation, ATOX supports innovation

As part of its aim for business excellence, ATOX Storage Systems strongly support research, development and innovation. Fruit of this is that ATOX has widened its range of products with automation systems.

The Disban H automated pick dispensers allow for the automatic preparation of orders, while the pick-to-light ATOX system speeds up the picking tasks by means of pick-to-light and put-to-light. For its part, the Radio Shuttle Sherpa 800 pallet mole converts compact racking into high density storage systems. Finally, the intelligent roller conveyors drastically increase performance in warehouses and can operate in coordination with automated dispensers and pick-to-light.

All these ATOX systems are designed to be energy efficient which, together with the high productivity which they enable to be reached, contributes to competitiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency in warehouses.