Metal racking and economy: The tyre market makes a recovery

The logistics sector complex is influenced by a multitude of factors, from metal racking and steel as a raw material to fuel prices or sectors related to that of tyres.

According to the report published in January, 2014 by the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA) in which the tyre market figures for 2013 were analysed, a start to the economic recovery of the sector is confirmed. Following a particularly difficult 2012, 2013 showed positive figures, especially in the lorry and bus tyres sector, which had been one of the most affected during 2012 and which has shown a clear trend towards recovery.

Although the private car tyre sector has fallen in countries such as Germany, it has grown in countries like France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.

It is expected that this positive global trend will be confirmed during 2014, with growth figures between 2% and 3%.

With these expectations, the appropriate optimisation of the warehouses and top quality metal racking is essential, installing specially designed tyre racking.

Racking for tyres

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