Metal racking in the Madrid publishing sector

An important logistics operator in the publishing sector located in Madrid has turned to ATOX Storage Systems high quality metal racking to tackle its needs to expand.

Using the ATOX Madrid Centre sales office, the installation of the publishing warehouse was carried out in a 22,000 m2 industrial shed in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara).

Metal racking in the Madrid publishing sector

Pallet racking

Conventional pallet racking for 10,000 pallets, with a height of 9 m and six height levels per module was installed to solve the storage of products on pallets.

The conventional pallet racking enables direct access to each product, thus solving the degree of flexibility and rotation levels required in this warehouse.

Extension to the picking storage space

Besides the palletised area, the warehouse has a picking area. Metal multi-tier racking for picking was installed to maximise the storage capacity and had double height (ground plus one floor) up to 5 1/2 metres and with 10 loading levels (5 per floor); with a total of 5,320 loading levels, making a total of 9.8 km of racking.

Reliable metal racking

The installation of this new warehouse is the third time that this important publishing client in Madrid has entrusted ATOX to provide metal racking to solve the extension of his logistics needs, the fruit of an important growth in the level of his business despite these years of crisis.

ATOX worked side by side with this client from the very beginning of the project, even giving real estate advice when it came to choosing the industrial shed for the warehouse. As a result, a high capacity installation was obtained in which ATOX Storage Systems has become a logistics partner, not only a supplier of metal racking and storage solutions.

ATOX Storage Systems is a leading manufacturer of industrial racking with an extensive international presence, offering a great variety of metal racking types and automated warehouse systems. ATOX has enormous experience providing storage solutions in various industrial and logistics sectors and with this project continues to consolidate its presence in the publishing logistics sector.