Metal racking and economy: Spain opts for the logistics sector to get out of the crisis

At the end of 2013, Ana Pastor, the Minister for Public Works, presented the national Logistics Strategy Plan with a view to increasing the competitiveness of the industry and the Spanish economy. Among the measures included in the plan, the outstanding ones are the creation of the Law on the Logistics Sector, the drawing up of a code of Good Practice and the development of rolling highways.

The Logistics Strategy Plan includes 18 priority actions which make up the first steps to be taken with a view to starting to get tangible short-term results.

The logistics sector will be one of the largest growing ones in the next few years, about 80% until 2050, according to what the European Commission published in its White Paper on Transport in 2011. With these growth forecasts, not only are the improvement initiatives in communications and means of transport important but also the use of storage systems which enable this growth to be made possible is also crucial, with top quality metal racking, solutions which enable storage space in a warehouse to be increased, such as mezzanines and multi-tier racking, and the optimisation of maintenance tasks with systems such as self-supporting warehouses and stacker cranes and solutions to facilitate the picking tasks.

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