ATOX metal racking contributing its experience to the automotive sector in Madrid

A new installation of ATOX Storage Systems metal racking is providing a service in Madrid for an important company in the automotive sector. This company, which plays an important role in the logistics and distribution of automobile spare parts and which was already operative in Andalusia, has expanded with its new logistics installation in the region of Madrid to provide a service for its customers´ ever increasing demands.

Metal racking in the automotive sector

To ensure the success of the project, through the ATOX Storage Systems Madrid sales office, they turned to the high quality of ATOX metal racking with the installation of 4-high mezzanines with picking racks for 70,000 references. Each floor has 6 levels, reaching a total height of 9 and a half metres and a storage surface area of 2,680m2, which meant 11 kms of racking. To optimise handling productivity, the installation was completed with spiral roller conveyors which enable products to be brought down from each floor.

This same company had already turned to the high quality of ATOX Storage Systems for the extension to its warehouses in Andalusia and, because of the efficiency shown, once again had confidence in ATOX Storage Systems metal racking for their new warehouses in Madrid.

ATOX Storage Systems, with more than 50 years’ experience, has vast storage experience in the automotive sector, as well as in a wide variety of industrial and logistics sectors. As a leading manufacturer of storage systems, a wide variety of solutions are offered, both in conventional pallet racking, dynamic racking and drive-in pallet racking and in picking racking and light-weight shelving. In order to make better use of space, mezzanines and multi-tier racking enable the storage space in a warehouse to be multiplied. Where there are very tall, high density warehouses, ATOX provides solutions with self-supporting warehouses and stacker cranes.

Committed to innovation, ATOX Storage Systems is widening its catalogue of solutions with the warehouse automation systems from ATOX Technological Solutions, with systems which are focussed specifically on high performance handling, such as the Radio Shuttle Sherpa 800 pallet mole, the Disban H automated pick dispensers for automatic order preparation, the pick-to-light ATOX system for pick-to-light and put-to-light operations and intelligent roller conveyors.