Metal Racking Andalusia: ATOX pallet racking for refrigerated logistics

An important refrigerated logistics operator has entrusted its pallet metal racking for its new warehouses in Andalusia to ATOX Storage Systems.

This logistics group is increasing its commercial activity in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia with these new warehouses in the port of Santa María, Cádiz, offering parcel delivery services and pallets both at room temperature and controlled temperature. Its specialisation has given it an important role to play in the cold chain, providing a service for various sectors such as the logistics for the distribution of medicine.

With the aim of covering its needs and with the high demands of refrigeration logistics, the customer has gone for the high quality metal racking that ATOX designs and manufactures.

The project consisted of the installation of conventional pallet racks using single and double alignments, optimising the storage capacity by modulating the space available.

The industrial racks installed were designed to store loads of up to 1,000 kgs on European pallets Europallets and pallets of different sizes (up to 3,000 kgs per level) at various heights, with a total number of 48 modules and 358 stored pallets. The pallet racks are fitted with safety nets.

One area of the installation corresponds to the refrigeration chamber and needed the cold store space to be optimised to the limit.

ATOX Storage Systems has been in the storage industry for more than 50 years and is a leader in the manufacture of metal racking, offering a wide range of industrial racks and automated and semi-automated storage systems.

Besides conventional pallet racks, ATOX designs and manufactures FIFO pallet racks such as dynamic pallet racking, specially indicated for perishable goods. With the LIFO accumulation pallet rack systems, such as the drive in pallet racks and the push back pallet racks there is no need for aisles and they enable the cold store space to be optimised to the limit for those products which do not require a high level of rotation.

ATOX Storage systems also offers warehouse automation solutions, with automated warehouses and stacker cranes and semi-automated systems to speed up handling manoeuvres both with pallets and in picking racks.

ATOX also enables warehouse space to be increased with industrial mezzanines and multi-tier racking and offers solutions for storing special loads such as cantilever racks.

ATOX operates both nationally and internationally and has a sales office in Andalusia.