ATOX, a committed company

In terms of human progress, sustainability must fulfill all people’s needs, improving their own welfare and quality of life, but never forgetting about future generations’ welfare.

A sustainable company achieves short and long-term economic, environmental and social benefits. This makes the common welfare grow for present and future generations not just in their immediate environment but also for the entire society.

Companies play a decisive role in the transition towards sustainable development and this means being socially and environmentally responsible.

A socially responsible company takes into account the worries of its groups of interest, warrants confidence for customers and shareholders, encourages the employers’ commitment to the organization and improves the relationship with Public Administration.

The responsibility of business activity is mainly economic and obviously implies the fulfillment of all legal duties, but it also requires taking into account other aspects that Law cannot state in detail, such as the following:

  • Conditions that allow the personal development at work
  • Respect for consumers both as customers and as citizens with their rights
  • Reconciliation between work and private and family life.
  • Impartial treatment in the professional field
  • Impact of industrial activity on the social and natural environment
  • People’s expectations regarding the companies’ contribution to social aims (safety, health, education, integration…..)
  • R&D&I
  • Corporate reputation
  • Informative transparency
  • Promotion
  • Investors confidence

After more than 50 years’ experience, ATOX STORAGE SYSTEMS has revised its policy to add new and strategic parameters such as saving, energy efficiency and social responsibility.

With that aim, ATOX follows the path to Business Excellence, improving its competitiveness and incorporating the idea of innovation and distinction.

ATOX fulfills all legal requirements in terms of risk prevention, data protection, and labor, industrial, environmental and sectoral legislation.

The Organization strictly follows the Spanish Law that regulates the employment of disabled workers (Law LISMI, 13/1982 April 7th). According to this law, at least 2% of the workers must belong to this group. ATOX also hires services from special employment centers.

ATOX has started several actions aimed to reinforce its commitment to social responsibility, such as the development of an ethical code that joins the interest groups, the labor-market flexibility measures and the support to the United Nations Global Compact Network in Spain.

Committed to Quality, Society and Environment, ATOX management has been awarded ISO Certifications. It also works for the professionalization of the sector by promoting the development, spreading and fulfillment of specific safety standards.