The automation of the DUPRÈE warehouse in Peru (part 2)

In the first part of this article we told you how ATOX and DUPRÈE had signed a collaboration project for the DUPRÈE expansion projects, the important role carried out by its warehouses in Peru and the importance of relying on ATOX metal racking and automation systems. In this second part, we will tell you about the specific advantages that DUPRÈE warehouses will get with this.

This ambitious DUPRÈE expansion project, a reference in the sector, is led by the Logistics Manager Mr. Moisés Santiago, an Industrial Engineer with great professional experience.

Logistics Manager for DUPRÈE, in the new automates warehouses in Peru.
Mr. Moisés Santiago, Logistics Manager for DUPRÈE,
in the new installations in Peru.

ATOX collaborates closely with the client to provide comprehensive solutions which, as in the case of DUPRÈE, are adjusted to the specific requirements of each project and at the same time provides the best service, which includes the engineering project, advice, training and after-sales service.

It took a long time for DUPRÈE to take the decision since it meant, apart from the economic investment, an important change in the company’s way of working.

ATOX pick-to-light as a pick-to-light revolution.

The logistics solution proposed by ATOX to increase the performance of the picking operations in the new DUPRÈE warehouse in Peru consists of the use of light guided technology for pick-to-light operations.

This automation system is conceived to be modular and to require practically no maintenance. Since it is completely integrated into the picking racks, it is extremely robust and ergonomic. It is based on illuminated devices in such a way that the workers know at all times where to go and what picking operation to carry out at each place.


Advantages of the light guided technology with pick-to-light operations

The setting up of the ATOX pick-to-light system for pick-to-light operations provides the warehouse with the following advantages:

Increase in the picking productivity

With the pick-to-light system the lines per minute read by a worker can be doubled or even tripled. The pick-to-light is one of the fastest and most competitive methods since it frees the worker from the high level of concentration that other picking systems require. The pick-to-light takes advantage of the instinctive visual reflex, drastically minimising the picking time by means of pick-to-light operations.

Elimination of picking mistakes

The pick-to-light, due to the instinctive reflex in the human being, makes the possibility of getting confused between two similar products placed next to each other more difficult. The pick-to-light functionality of the ATOX pick-to-light system provides a constant display of the number of units to be picked up, making the worker’s job easier and avoiding mistakes, such as those made when reading a delivery note full of orders.

Constant real time stock control

Thanks to the validations and corrections made by the workers from each one of the pick-to-light system devices during the pick-to-light operations, keeping the stock controlled is much more simple, constant and dynamic. In fact, these devices could become a tool to make an inventory at any given time. By means of the ATOX pick-to-light, during the pick-to-light operations the worker not only validates an operation but also indicates in real time to the system a possible stock breakdown by modifying the amount of products found at the location.

Pick-to-light at the DUPRÈE warehouse in Peru

In DUPRÈE picking racks were installed with a pick-to-light system for pick-to-light operations, prepared so that up to four workers can work simultaneously in the same area in the warehouse.

The ATOX pick-to-light system, besides signposting to the worker the locations where the products to be picked up are and the number of units to be taken also carries out an intelligent guide to the route. The system calculates the best picking up route for the goods and guides the worker efficiently, using various illuminated signs, both the shelf signs for all the goods and the signs at the entrance to the aisles.

Intelligent roller conveyor systems

The installations in Peru for DUPRÉE also have an automated roller conveyor system from ATOX Technological Solutions, based on a self-propelled roller technology which uses Poly-V type belts to transmit movement from the driving roller to the rest of the slave rollers.

This self-propelled roller technology enables an installation to be installed practically without any wiring and with the lowest sound level that can be obtained with roller movement.

roller conveyor systems


Awarding this project to ATOX was not only because they presented the best, innovative, technical, quality solution but also because they drew up a medium and long-term strategic initiation plan both for the DUPRÈE warehouses in Lima and in the rest of the countries where they operate.

ATOX wishes to highlight the collaboration and contributions made by the whole DUPRÈE team and especially Mr. Moisés Santiago for the kindness shown during data gathering, project assessment and the setting-up.

The close collaboration between both companies was fundamental for it to become a reference point for success.