The automation of the DUPRÈE warehouses in Peru (part 1)

ATOX and the DUPRÈE company have signed a collaboration agreement for the installation of its new warehouses in Peru, in Lima, which, together with the ATOX Storage Systems high quality metal racks, will have the ATOX Technological Solutions warehouse automation systems.

Pick-to-light and roller conveyor systems

The project is to establish two different storage areas. The first area has the role of a central “lungs” warehouse and consists of a palletising warehouse with conventional pallet racking. The second area, dedicated to preparing orders, has picking racks which incorporate the pick-to light system for pick-to-light operations, applying automation to order preparation, combined with an intelligent roller conveyor system.

Pick-to-light system

DUPRÈE as an example of logistics in Peru

DUPRÈE is a Colombian company which markets textile garments and domestic products such as costume jewellery, perfumes, underwear, children’s clothes, toys, etc. It was set up in Peru five years ago and is now present in several provinces in the country. With this dramatic growth, from its logistics centres in Peru, they supply other countries such as Bolivia, thanks to its logistics work, its power of negotiation and its strategic location.

The ambitious DUPRÈE expansion project, which is a reference point in the sector, is led by the Logistics Manager, Mr. Moisés Santiago, an Industrial Engineer with great professional experience.

Mr. Santiago is firmly convinced that the new technologies incorporated into the warehouse systems represent a great step forward in the automation of order preparation and stock control efficiency, which results in greater productivity and more efficient organisation for DUPRÈE. To achieve these aims, the collaboration of innovative and committed companies such as ATOX Storage Systems is necessary, which together with the renowned metal racking systems which enable storage space to be optimised, provide automation systems which enable warehouses to be converted into high performance warehouses.

Logistics Manager for DUPRÈE in the new warehouses in Peru.
Mr. Moisés Santiago, Logistics Manager for DUPRÈE, in the new installations in Peru.

Warehouse automation with tailor-made ATOX solutions

As a leading manufacturer of metal racking and storage systems, ATOX provides design services, manufacture and assembly of storage solutions, by identifying the real needs of each customer and applying new technologies to equip the warehouses with the most suitable automation systems according to the nature of each activity, getting the most out of both the storage space and the efficiency and productivity of the handling operations.

Awarding this project to ATOX was not only because they presented the best innovative, technical, quality solution but also because they drew up a medium and long-term strategic initiation plan both for Peru with the DUPRÈE warehouses in Lima and for the rest of the countries where they operate.

ATOX wishes to highlight the collaboration and contributions made by the whole DUPRÈE team and especially Mr. Moisés Santiago for the kindness shown during data gathering, project assessment and the setting-up.

The close collaboration between both companies was fundamental for it to become a reference point for success.

In the second part of this article we will give you a more detailed description of the advantages that these installations have got on installing the ATOX Technological Solutions warehouse automation systems.