Classification by types of shelving

Metal racking

ATOX offers a wide variety of different types of metal racking designed to optimize the needs of all kinds of warehouses and loads to be stored, backed by the fact that it has more than 50 years experience manufacturing racking and selling its products in various countries in Europe and Latin America.

The different pallet racking systems make it possible to provide solutions for palletized warehouses with different needs for the best use of available space and turnover rate of the goods, from conventional pallet racking to drive-in pallet racking without any aisles between the pallets.

The racking for medium and light duty loads provides reliability and safety for the picking areas. For file storage, where capacity and aesthetics are equally important, mobile shelving without the need for aisles and light duty shelving with and without bolts are the ideal solution. For special loads storage, we design cantilever racks, coli racks, racks for tyres, etc.

When it is necessary to enlarge the storage space in a warehouse, multi-tier racking and mezzanines enable the storage capacity to be doubled or tripled. For high bay storage, self-supporting warehouses provide maximum use of space and their combination with stacker cranes enables high density automated warehouses to be constructed.

You can make the best use of your warehouse thanks to the high quality and strength of the metal racking designed and manufactured by ATOX Storage Systems, which enable warehouse space to be maximised. Combined with ATOX Technological Solutions automated warehouse systems, you will also be able to optimize material handling tasks and high speed order fulfilment at the same time as inventory errors are reduced.

If your storage needs are for a large warehouse or distribution centre or for small urban logistics warehouses, ATOX designs and manufactures the most efficient racking systems to suit your particular case. Contact us for advice and an estimate.