Pick to light
Pick-to-light with roller conveyors
Pick-to-light device


The ATOX Technological Solutions pick-to-light system is the solution to be able to speed up picking tasks and get the most out of the warehouse workforce, reducing manoeuvre times and minimising inventory errors.

More than a pick-to-light and put-to-light system

Thanks to its versatility, the ATOX light guided system can work both as a pick-to-light system for order fulfilment by means of guided stock withdrawal and as a put-to-light system for stock replenishment on the metal racks or to place stock for order packing.

The light guided system also offers compatibility with all the existing warehouse management systems and can be combined with the smart roller conveyors.

The design of the ATOX light guided system enables material handling to be applied through pick-to-light and put-to-light both to light duty racking and pallet racks.

How the pick-to-light and put-to-light systems work

After scanning a delivery note, a system of lights guides the worker, in order, to the aisles where he has to go by mean of lights at each entrance and, inside the aisle, the shelves from which stock has to be removed are indicated, that is to say, pick-to-light or where stock has to be placed, that is to say, put-to-light. In both cases, the number of units is also indicated.

After the operation at that shelf, the worker validates the units using a push button, the lights at that shelf go out and he will only have to follow the lights to go to the next point where he has to work, in an orderly fashion and following the best route.

The system enables several workers to work at the same time, giving each of them a different light colour.

Inventory control is updated in real time thanks to the fact that the ATOX light guided system can communicate with any computer management system, ERP or WMS, which is already being used by the company.

Pick-to-light advantages

  • ATOX quality and reliability.
  • Minimum manoeuvre times and the elimination of errors in picking operations.
  • More efficiency in warehouse staff, even for new or replacement staff.
  • Compatibility with all the existing management systems and a reduction in inventory errors.