Automated warehouse systems

ATOX Technological Solutions, time optimization

Warehouse productivity begins by making the best use possible of space by using the right metal racking systems in accordance with the products to be stored and their turnover rates. Optimization of the time used in material handling operations must be added to the best use of storage space by means of warehouse automation.

With more than 50 years history, ATOX Storage Systems are still backing investment in R&D&i and the use of new technologies applied to warehouses. Consequently, the quality and strength of ATOX metal racking have been joined by control technologies to take warehouse automation up to a new level with ATOX Technological Solutions.

Radio Shuttle

The ATOX Sherpa Radio Shuttle system is a pallet shuttle or pallet mole which converts drive-in pallet racking into a high capacity storage system and at the same time provides greater speed and safety in material handling.

With the ATOX Technological Solutions Radio Shuttle you will get a greater storage capacity, higher turnover rates and greater flexibility in manoeuvres than with drive-in pallet racking.

Going beyond pick-to-light with the ATOX light guided system

Thanks to ATOX´s ability, as a manufacturer of metal racking and storage systems, to adapt its solutions to the specific features of each warehouse, the ATOX Technological Solutions light guided system takes a step further than limited automations such as pick-to-light systems or put-to-light systems.

The ATOX light guided system can be used to remove stock from the racks by picking or dynamic picking, for stock replenishment and for order fulfilment. Its design also enables it to be combined in a coordinated way with motorised roller conveyors.

The light guided system is more than a pick-to-light system since it can be applied both to racking for light and medium duty loads and to pallet racking systems.

Smart roller conveyors

The ATOX Technological Solutions smart roller conveyors take the concept of belt conveyors to a new level, achieving high performance material handling.

The ATOX roller conveyors have motorised rollers, built-in sensors and automatic diverters and can combine straights, curves and upward and downward stretches. All of this, together with its coordinated integration with the pick-to-light system and the automated order fulfilment, makes it possible to take warehouse automation to maximum levels of efficiency in material handling.


The Miniload storage system is the automated warehouse solution for light loads, providing high productivity and high density storage, together with ATOX quality and reliability.

Stacker Cranes

Stacker cranes are the solution for the high performance automated warehouse, both for palletised warehouses and light loads. They are also the perfect combination for high bay self-supporting warehouses.