Metal Shelving

Metal shelving and storage systems

The high quality metal racking designed and manufactured by ATOX Storage Systems provides storage solutions with maximum reliability and efficiency. With over 50 years experience and presence throughout the world, ATOX has a wide range of industrial racking, from various pallet racking systems to get the best use of available space and turnover rate, picking racking and mobile shelving for file storage , to storage systems for special loads such as cantilever racks, coil racks, etc.

The safety and strength of ATOX Storage Systems racking comes together with innovation in ATOX Technological Solutions automated warehouse systems to take your warehouse performance up to a new level.

Both if your needs are for a large warehouse or distribution centre or for small urban logistics warehouses, ATOX has the necessary experience to provide you with the most efficient solutions for your particular case. Get in touch with us for advice and an estimate.